Not just a folktale or bedtime story, the Daughters of Creation is a part of an ancient religion that reveres the eight energies that created the gods. These energies are responsible for creating what we understand as the planes of existence and represent themselves as sisters. They will sometimes take the form of mortal beings, usually of the feminine variety.

Daughter of the Void

Daughter of the Light

Daughter of the Divine

Daughter of the Weave

Daughter of the Flame

Daughter of the Wind

Daughter of the Wave

Daughter of the Vine

Jouneyman's Notes

We’ahqa found a drawing of an ancient temple dedicated to the sisters.


The drawing depicts a city built into a massive mountain with passageways and great walls that swirl around upward to the top of the structure. Some tunnels go through it. It is a massively complex structure. Three gigantic statues perched on foothills surround the city. These corporeal feminine beings are in different poses.

There is a second drawing of an altar suspended in what looks like a giant cavern. The altar sets atop a large granite hand holding it out from a passageway near the cavern wall. On the other hand, the altar and surrounding the altar are six very similar but distinctly different effigies of what you believe to be The Daughters of Creation.

Potential Vessels of the daughters