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Saturday (EST)

Panel 0 @ 9:30 AM - INBEON CON 2021: Pre Show

Panel 1 @ 10 AM - Comic Book School: Marketing Panel

Come join CBS as they tackle marketing in the world of comics at 10 am Saturday.

Panel 2 @ 11am - Writers Room

Johnny C and fellow writers talk about the fundamentals of writing. From comics to Screenplay scripts, this panel answers those burning questions every writer has.

HOST: Johnny C

the Pond / Sartana / Surrounded by Death

Jorge Medina

the Adventures of wonder duck
Russ 5377

Rafael Tavares


Dee Ally

Jeff Rider

Cloud Wrangler Comics

Panel 3 @ 12pm - Marketing and Creating a Social Media Presence

We are in a new digital age and marketing can be hard if you don’t know what steps to take.

If you have questions, this is the panel for you. Learn from these wonderful creators who have built followings in person and on digital platforms. They share their journeys and will help provide tips in how you to can market your brand.

Tom Aglio


Alexander Sapountzis

ASAP Can Draw

Mark Frankel

Wayward Raven

Panel 4A @ 1pm - Micheal Grassia: Animation Panel

Michael Grassia


Join Micheak Grassia as he teaches you the fundamentals of animation in photoshop.

Panel 4B @ 1pm - DND and Mental Health

This Bittenapple panel will tackle how DnD is a great outlet and help benefit your Mental Health.

The Bitten Apple

Panel 5 @ 2pm - Twitch & Streamer Panel

Thinking about becoming a streamer. Join Streamer and one of the host of the Nerds of the Round Law as he talks with fellow game streamers and how how they built their followings. Ask questions about equipment, setups and platforms.


Ty Cheshire

Aaimz Tako

Nitza Vampiritza


Panel 6 @ 230pm - SketchBrew Animation Panel

Join VT and crew in this panel as they give tips and talk about animation in Toonboom.

Panel 7 @ 3pm - Skull gate Media: Collaborative World Building

C. Vandyke

I’m the founder and president of Skullgate Media, an independent writing collective, but first and foremost I like to write.

Skullgate Media is a member-owned publishing collective. Our goal is to publish exciting and innovative fiction across a wide range of genres with a focus on speculative fiction, weird fiction, and sci-fi fantasy. We value friendly collaboration, wild imagination, and shared worlds, with the general belief that the best way for authors to succeed is to help one another.

Panel 8 @ 330pm - Breaking into Podcasting

Sam Vera

Charlie Willaims

Les Frye

Jorge Medina

Sean Luc

Panel 9 @ 4pm - Comic Masters: Building a comic from scratch

Comics is the medium that has transported readers to many worlds. From the big companies to the small indie companies. Readers have enjoyed the new stories created by talented creators. If youhave ever wanted to learn how to make a comic or looking for advice, this panel is for you. Join Sebastian and the amazing panlist that have created wonderful works of art that have their fans asking for more!

Jaxon Joubert

JM DeSantis

Chandra Free

Matt Schorr

Panel 10 @ 430pm - Breaking Into Voice Acting

We love animations like My Hero and Adventure time. But what really makes these animations stand out is the amazing talent behind the voices. If you ever wanted advice on getting into voice acting, then look no further than this panel. Join Keiko from MLA entertainment as she talks to an all star cast as they tell you their experiences and provide tips on getting into voice acting.

HOST: Keiko

MLA Entertainment

You don’t want to miss this live panel at 4:30 pm EST Join these amazing voice actors and learn how to break into the voice acting industry.

Kevin Cutliffe


Amiee Davis


Kevin Goh


Candice Faith




Josh Lambright

Panel 11 @ 5pm - DND Panel

DND can be alot of fun. Many people are getting into it for the first time. In this round table we get to hear from some DMs about the fundamentals and how they created their campaigns to make it fun for players of all skill levels.


The Bearded DM

Rafael Tavares

Panel 12 @ 530 PM - Women Creating Comics

HOST: Les Frye

Join Leslie Frye and an amazing lineup of creatives who are killing it. These ladies are the rockstars of the industry and continue to deliver amazing works of art that leave fans new and old excited for more.

Jaime Primack

Chandra Free

Arielle ArtsMermaid

Daphne Lage

Panel 13 @ 6pm - Inbeon Con 2021 Cosplay Contest

Inbeon con 2021 cosplay contest judges

Levelt James

Cin Von Quinzel

Marc Kandel

Abigail Loosl

Sunday (EST)

Panel 1 @ 10 AM - Comic Book School: Anthology Panel

Sunday at 10 am EST to learn about their new anthology!

Panel 2A @ 11:30am - Fundamentals: Preparing a Portfolio

Join Sebastian as we has a one on one conversation with the legendary Keith Williams on the fundamentals for preparing a Portfolio.

Keith Williams

Panel 2B @ 11am - Fundamentals: Designing A website

Having a website is crucial in this day and age. Having a functional website for your fans and clients to navigate is even more crucial. Get some tips from Hutch and Marni on the fundamentals of Web Development.

Eric Hutchison

Marni Joelen

Panel 3 @ 12pm - POC in Comics

In this panel our panelist will tackle the history of POC in comics. How diversity is helping shape new stories and universes. And how the industry is changing to create characters that resemble our world.

Cheyenne Clardy

Dennis Knight

Jasper Parris


Panel 4A @ 1pm - How to Create a Compelling Character

Ever been stuck creating a character? Ever wondered how a character was created to be amazing? THis panel will feature amazing panelist who have each created fun loving amazing characters and will give you tips on the proess so that you can go out there and create compelling characters.

Javier Winnick



A.A. Rubin

Big Game Leroy Green

Don Hooper

Panel 4B @ 1pm - Pong and Doctor Popular - Don’t quit your day job: Do it for the love and the money will follow

Will working your ass off guarantee your happiness? Probably not. Our two panelists, Pong and Doc Pop talk about their experiences as artists, what advice they’d give to 21-year-old versions of themselves, and how they kept their grind from grinding them.

Panel 5A @ 2pm - Craft Masters

Ever wondered how those awesome pieces are made? From a wood carving to building a model figure? Join these craft masters as they talk about their skill trade and art.

Eli White

Tusano Trading Company


Panel 5B @ 2pm - Cristian Aluas Begin your Freelance Journey

Cristian Aluas

I’m a digital art enthusiast & early adopter with more than 18 years of passion for digital art. I’ve sold 2,000+ digital artworks to clients online and with my published books currently on Amazon.

Panel 6 @ 230pm - Voice Acting Panel

Panel was so good day 1, Keiko from MLA entertainment returns with another amazing cast of voice actors. Get tips in how to break into voice acting.

HOST: Keiko

MLA Entertainment

You don’t want to miss this live panel at 4:30 pm EST Join these amazing voice actors and learn how to break into the voice acting industry.

Jenna Birmingham

Tom Aglio

Melanie Scroggins

Kevin Cutliffe

Panel 7 @ 3pm - Skull gate Media - Self Publishing A Novel

Skullgate Media returns at 3 pm EST on August 29th with a panel for those that want to get the 411 on Self-Publishing a Novel. Join Chris Van Dyke and company for a Q&A session to get you on the path to self-Publishing.

BK Bass

Jayme Bean

ARK Horton

Rue Sparks

C. Vandyke

Panel 8 @ 330 - Fundamentals: To Comic Creation

There is alot that goes into making a comic. Sometimes we need advice about kickstarter or where can i find a good printer. How do I format my pages or where can meet a writer or artist. Join these comic professionals as they offer helpful tips in this pre-recorded panel.

Alexander Sapountzis

Mark Frankel

Kris Burgos

Johnny C

Dennis Knight

Panel 9 @ 4pm - Creatives And Mental Health

At times as creators we struggle with our own mental health and feel like we have no one to talk to. This year we decided to get some amazing creators together to open that dialogue in talking about this topic. In this round table discussion they offer advice, how to ask for help and let you know its ok to open up and speak to others.

Cheyenne Clardy

David Morgan

Guy Semilia

Nerd Truth

Najah Abdul-Qawiyy

Natasha Nieves

Panel 10A @ 5pm - Taking YOur Cosplay to the next level

Join these wonderful masters of cosplay as they share with you how they became champions in their craft. They discuss how to take your build to the next level and how you too can one day become a shining star in the cosplay community.

Abigail Loosl

Levelt James

Nerd Truth

Marc Kandel

Cin Von Quinzel

Panel 10B @ 2pm - Five Sense to Making Cents: Selling your Comic Online

Learn how to use your website as a marketing and sales tool for your comic book, artistry and/or writing by using our five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) to sell – online. An in-depth review on creating subtle sensory triggers to strengthen user experiences by invoking visitors to stay, interact with your brand, and buy your comics.

Panel 11 @ 530 - Music Panel

Music is one of the many things we all connect with. From County and Rap to EDM and Rock. Music has always been a foundation to connecting, telling stories and entertainment. Join these hit artist as they talk about what attracte them to the music and industry and offer tips how you can become a musician and artist yourself.

Nina Creese

Thomas Lapierre III


Drew Kaboom

Panel 12 @ 6pm - Rob Andersin Panel

Join Mr. AnderSiN and his guests for the one panel you will need to learn the Ins & Outs of creating, promoting, branding, and selling your self-published comic books. This is a Q&A panel, so bring your questions.

Mr. AnderSiN

Mike Sealie


Marvin D. McDonald

The Swurverse

Panel 13 @ 6:00pm - Inbeoncon Closing Ceremony

Huge THANK YOU to all the Creators, Artists, Gamers & Guests who made Inbeon 2021 possible!