We are excited to add D&D Oneshots to this year’s show. If you would like to be a part of a campaign contact us.

D&D One shots

GAME 1 - Watchers in the Dark

Scenario: Watchers in the Dark Two weeks after the daring heist at the Ketterdam Auction House, a bright light streaks across the sky. But it’s not just streaking across the sky, it’s falling towards the city. Bright light, intense heat and a thundering rumble fills the city as a building sized object careens over Ketterdam and crash lands on the island of Eil Komedie. Only hours later our resident group of ne’er do wells must make their way to the island. Will it be a treasure that is found or is it something darker in nature.

The Bearded DM



Iz - Changeling Inquisitive Rogue

Dá - Rabbitfolk Fighter Samurai

Ren - Aasimar Gloomstalker Ranger

Ukarall - Half-orc Tempest Domain Cleric

GAME 2 - The Escape Room

DM: Turt


Scenario: Multiple people have woken up only to find themselves in a mysterious circular room with other strangers. It appears to be a magician’s study of sorts high wall shelves decorated with books, ceilings with chandeliers, ornate carpet draped on the floor, and tall windows that oversee a sea of clouds filling the sky towards the horizon.

Beatrice the tiefling rogue

Lucy the halfling druid

Damien the half-orc fighter

Jalla the goblin artificer

Rico the Aasimar Bard

Yu the Shifter Cleric


Ta’ruht Qarine


I’m a chill artist that likes to goof off and enjoy relaxing to music when I draw. I also play Final Fantasy XIV on the occasion and I’m trying to grow my audience when it comes to art!

Inbeon Con 2020 D&D FEATURE: Medusa's Cascade: Collateral Damage

Inbeon Presents:

The Medusa’s Cascade Campaign 

Collateral Damage

Saturday 7pm EST

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Featured DMs



The Bearded DM


Blackthorns Apothecary


Stacey Marie


The Sheriff