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Sebastian A. Jones

The answer to “why Stranger Comics,” revolves around its hero, Niobe Ayutami. When we create stories, we want to ask our characters what we would ask ourselves and our readers.


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J. M. DeSantis

A writer, artist and the creator of the dark fantasy comic series, Chadhiyana. He is the author of books, comics, and artworks, mostly in the fantasy, horror, and humour genres. His work has been both traditionally and self published in places as diverse as print, digital publications and even film.


Jorge Medina

Jorge Medina


Jorge Medina is the creator and writer of his intellectual properties Russ5377 and The Adventures of Wonder Duck. Additionally, he is the co writer of Catch the Crazees and if that’s not all, he’s also a host on Catch Da Craze, a podcast about and for indie creators. Go to getyourmedz.com and find out more. 

Sam Vera

Catch Da Craze


The fact that one man is capable of accomplishing so much within 24hrs is astounding. Samuel Vera is not only the Founder of Crazee Comics, he is also the creator of all of the titles it produced. As is that were not enough, Vera is also the Founder and Host of Catch Da Craze Podcast, representing independent creators in comics, arts, music, publishing and more.

Jorell Rivera


Jared Brown


Scott Barnett


Wayward Raven Media

@ waywardravenmedia



Javier Cruz Winnik


Tusano Trading Company


Dennis Knight


Rich Drezen


Enrique “Quique!” Lopez


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Inbeon is happy to have CACN at this year’s show. Are you a creator looking to network with other creators? Well, you don’t want to miss this networking zoom event! Meet fellow creators and be prepared to network, you never know who you’re going to work with on your next big project!



We all love Whos Line is this. Now we get to see some amazing Voice actors partake in an awesome similar game. Can you guess the character they are playing? What scenarios will we put them through? Come watch the fun!

Amiee Davis

Kevin Cutliff

Kevin Goh

Candace Free

Tom Aglio

Josh Lambright