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10:00AM EST

Alexander Sapountzis

Artist Alexander Sapountzis takes you on a time lapse journey and talks about what made him want to work in comics. The illustrator behind the popular web comic Damn Heros showcases his love for art and the show Lovecraft County. 

Time Laspe

10:00AM EST

Brendan Shaw

Brendan Shaw is a canvas master. In this promotional video he showcases some original art he has for sale. You can direct message him on his instagram @bacons223and get your hands on a one of a kind Shaw!

Promo video

10:30AM EST

Lina Almonte

3D printing has taken the creative industry by storm. Lina Almonte is one of those artists that has jumped into the madness. From clocks to key chains, she has made various items that keep her customers coming back for more. Make sure to head to her store and find out why it’s called the Littleshop of Madness. 

Time Laspe

11:00AM EST

Enrique ” Quique” Lopez

Join writer a illustrator Enrique ” Quique” Lopez on an artistic journey. Cofounder of Studio MA-EN. He looks to share tips what it takes to be an inker, an illustrator and what it’s like to work in comics. 

Check out his projects:

Stupendous! Magazine



1:00pM EST

Alex Rivera

Better known in the industry as Playful Gorilla, Alex Rivera is an illustrator and to designer. From custom toys to pins, he has transitioned his style in many different art forms that keep his fans wanting more. 


3:00PM EST

Miriam Yoo

Join NYC anime artist Miriam Yoo. Her illustrations demonstrate her deep love of anime. Miriam is also a YouTube content creator and animator. 


3:30PM EST

Rodney Fyke

Rodney Fyke is a writer and illustrator from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He has worked on several projects for Upper Deck featuring licensed Marvel characters. He has five other self-published titles going back to the early 90s. Rodney has always wanted to delve into the horror genre and is excited to give Roadkill Rampage to the readers.


5:00PM EST

Sammy Castillo

Tommy & Sammy Castillo have been in the illustration industry a combined 46+ years. Together they worked on projects like Legends of the Dark Knight, Tales from the Crypt, Green Arrow, Alice in Wonderland, King Kong and designs for films. Since Tommy’s passing, Sammy runs their Studio, projects and legacy under the flag of Castillo Studios.




11:00AM EST

Peat vasquez

Peat Vasquez is an independent artist that based in New York. He has a love for comics, anime and anything art. He is one half of the tag team art company Fat Guy Inc. and runs the Indie Show based out of Long Island. Some may recognize him as a featured artist at Pancake and Booze events held in New York City. If you have seen him at conventions, he is very welcoming to his fans. 


12:00PM EST

Diane Aragon

Diane Aragon is an aspiring young artist in the Tri-State Area who’s main focus is comic/graphic novel work,  Illustration and Concept Design. She enjoys working with ink and watercolor as well as creating conceptual designs for games, comics, or books. Her work is heavily influenced around the fantasy and occult genre.


1:00PM EST

Eli Ramos

Art Teacher, Childrens Book Illustrator, Storyboard Artist,Comic Artist,Mural Artist,Cosplayer and Fire Fighter . Eli Ramos is an artist that loves to teach and take you on journeys with his artwork.Join him Saturday 1pm and Sunday 1pm for his live drawing sessions.


2:00PM EST


Xel is a freelance illustrator who specializes in drawing fantasy rpg characters for the tabletop community . From full party illustrations to short comics and sketches, Xel seeks to bring the magic from your local home games to life in illustrated form. Join her stream as she draws scenes and characters from her tabletop rpg games.


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Creator Spotlight: Lina Almonte

In this Creator Spotlight, we highlight Lina Almonte on how she got inspired to take on the world 3D printing.