August 29-30, 2020


Saturday Sunday 2021 2020 YouTube Playlist


10:30am est - Breaking into indie Comics

If you ever wondered what it’s like or how to get into indie comics, this is the panel for you. Join us as we speak to six indie creators about their journeys and experiences in the world of indie comics.

Eric Hutchison

Inbeon Studios

Javier Cruz Winnik

A Reason To Smile

Scott Barnett

Dead Man’s Party

Mark Frankel

Wayward Raven Media

Alexander Sapountzis

Wayward Raven Media

Dennis Knight

Pronto Comics

11:00am EST - The writer's block

At the heart of every story, there is a writer who came up with it. In this panel we speak to four writers who share their tales and explain their creative process.

Bob Salley

Broken Gargoyles

Jorge Medina

the Adventures of wonder duck
Russ 5377

Dennis Knight

Editor Pronto Comics

Johnny C

the Pond
Surrounded by Death

12:00pm EST - baking a business

 Building your own business is hard. Sometimes it’s confusing to know where to start. In this panel we speak to three entrepreneurs who have built their businesses through the culinary arts. This is a must see panel for those who have thought about starting their own business in any medium.

Christina Ha and Simon Tung

Macaron Parlour

Jennifer King

Liddabit sweets

2:00pm EST - Taking care of your Mental Health

Join Tashi.o Geekgirl Cosplay as she addresses dealing with mental and physical health during the pandemic. She will go over some coping skills and guidelines to help the community during the pandemic.

1:00pm EST - So you want to DND? (Live)

Join a group of DND players as they talk about their adventures and love for the game. Let them take you on their journeys and give you advice on how you too can get into the world of DND.

3:00pm EST - about that podcast life

Have you ever wanted to get into podcasting but didn’t know where to start? In this panel we speak to three podcast teams that share their journeys and what it took for them to build their podcast.

3:30pm EST - Women in creative (live)

In this live panel we’ll get to talk to women in the creative field. We’ll learn about their journeys and what drives them to be the titans in their craft.

Sammy Castillo

Castillo Studios

Lorisse Es Arte

Audible Silence



Micheline Hess

4:00pm EST - about that cosplay life

Get to know our 2020 cosplay contest judges. Find out what inspired them to become the cosplay champions and what drives them to develop their next outfit.

Nasiha Sapronia


Nerd Truth


Tashi.o Geekgirl


Teddy Al Ghul


5:00pm EST - The Bitten apple tv (Live)


Leslie Frye

Wirtten Writ Ralf

Bree Canciani


10:30am EST - podcasting and content creation (LIVE)

Catarina Themyscria

Perjangers and Wallhangers

Yazmin Lugo


In this live panel we’ll get to talk about podcasting and content creation. Join our panelist as they talk about their journeys and what got them into content creation.

11:00am est - Voice Over 101

Interested in voice acting? Join 6 voice over artists for an in-depth conversation on everything you need to know about the voice over business. 

Kevin Cutliffe

Kevin Goh


Candice Faith


Melanie Scroggins

Tom Aglio

12:00pm EST - Crafting masters (Live)

Often times we have walked down convention Isles, crafts shows and seen some amazing work. Sometimes we will see something that we can’t believe was handmade. Join these master crafters as they explain what got them into crafting and share tips of the trade.

Louis Shaffer


Michael Gianakos


Brittany Pleasant

The Artisian’s Nook
Jennifer Menite & Gene Ballesty

1:30pm EST - Portfolio Prep with Buddy Scalera (live)

Buddy Scalera is a content strategist and digital pioneer with over 15 years of pharmaceutical multichannel marketing experience. He is an innovative team leader delivering excellence in digital marketing strategy, content engineering, website development, social media, distance learning, mobile marketing strategy, content creation, and content governance.

He is a creative problem solver and transmedia writer with experience in journalism, public relations, and vendor management. Buddy is an internationally recognized marketing speaker and author of multiple books on visual storytelling.

He has collaborated with a broad range of companies, including IBM, Oracle, Marvel Comics, Content Marketing Institute, MedPage Today, School of Visual Arts, and a range of top pharmaceutical companies.


2:00pm EST - ARMOR MAKING WITH THE 405TH (live)

The 405th Infantry Division is a worldwide group of costume and prop makers who love the Halo Universe. We are known as the go-to starting point of cosplayers stepping into the challenging world of armour building. This panel of experts will discuss how to get started and different methods of construction of battle ready cosplay armour.

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Join these artist as we’ll talk about what got them into art. How they practiced their craft and tips they can offer for improving.

Michael Grassia

Rich Drezen

Drezen Media

Diane Aragon

Bree Canciani

twitch Stream

4:00pm EST - Writing and Directing

In this panel we get to talk to the talented team creating an upcoming original animated series called The Middleground. Chloe and Yogita look to share their experiences and share tips when it comes to the art of directing and writing and animation.

Chloe Burman


5:00pm EST - artists behind the camera (LiVE)

We have all seen those wonderful moments frozen in time captured by a photographer. In this panel we’ll will talk to some of the artists behind the camera and learn what inspires them. They will also share some tips on walking down the path of photography. 

Lawrence Bentiné Jr




5:00pm EST - History of a Wascally Wabbit

HAPPY 80th BOITHDAY BUGS! Why do we love this rabbit? Because he the embodiment of the little guy standing up to the bully against injustice and woodland hunters! Join Eli Ramos and learn why this cartoon icon is still going strong in 2020 and beyond! Because he’s what’s Up Doc!.